Recruiting Services

We have established industry credibility and trust by developing long term relationships with Top Loan Officers and Managers

For years, our impartial assessment of each lender we represent along with our deep rooted knowledge of the mortgage industry, have combined to form an authoritative viewpoint and a trust from each Loan Officer or Manager we speak with.

When you partner with us to recruit and build your sales force, you will be represented in the most upfront and honest manner. Our goal is to understand you and your firm in every way so that the loan officers we present to you are in line with your company culture and goals.

We are not here to fit square pegs in round holes. By being impartial it does not mean that we simply name your company along with others. It means we take the time to better understand the person on the other end of the phone and make sure that their product needs, operation’s needs, pricing scope, and personality are going to line up with the company that best fits those desires.

Because of this process, candidates never feel we are “pressuring them” or “leaning to one lender vs. another” and you as our partner will be assured that you will only see candidates who will fit in with your model.

  • We offer both Retained and Contingency Searches.
  • When you partner with us we start with a 2 hour “ingestion call” that is so detailed, it may allow you to learn more about your own company. By completing this, we will have a complete understanding of who you are and who you’re looking for.
  • We arrange all interviews and prep you for what to expect.
  • We provide feedback, directly following the interview.
  • We conduct reference checks with peers and employers if needed.
  • We assist you in processing, constructing, and presenting offers to each candidate.
  • We also provide a 90 day hiring guarantee for all placements.

When you’re ready to not only increase your head count, but to improve your head count with some of the best mortgage sales talent out there; please fill out the below information.

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