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Here are Just a Few of the Positions We are Currently Looking to Fill.

Just because you don’t see your ideal position or company you’re looking for listed doesn’t mean we don’t have the right opportunity for you. We work with up to 25 Banks and Lenders throughout the east coast. Please CONTACT US for summaries on at least 3 to 5 other lenders depending on your area.

Available Positions


One of the top privately held mortgage lenders in the country with over 1800 employees and almost 300 branches nationally is looking for Branch Managers across New England.

  • They have averaged over $8.5 Billion in sales in the past 5 years.
  • They are licensed to lend in 48 states.
  • They are DEBT FREE, and privately held.
  • Each branch has a full time marketing department that schedules, organizes, and markets events for you.
  • LOCALLY underwrite Conventional, FHA, USDA, FHA, 203k streamlines, VA and Jumbo in house.
  • Loan Pricing is 100% dependent on you or the loan officer (you decide).
  • Full Benefits (Health, Dental, disability, etc.)

They set up their Branch Managers in a unique way. You have full control over your P&L. You also have full control of pricing, margins, and Loan Officer compensation levels within your branch. Your compensation is based on if you’re a producing or non producing manager. If you are producing, they allow you to pay yourself a healthy base salary, on top of a monthly override of your team’s production volume. If you are non-producing they allow you to draw from the P&L a percentage of profit, monthly. They focus on making money on the back end/secondary market and the servicing after the fact. All upfront retail income is profited to the branch.

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are needed to cover their existing territories in MA, VT, CT, and NJ.  Responsibilities would include running an existing territory while building additional teams in your market share.  Pay is based on override, profit quarterly, and base salary.

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A majority of these openings report to bank offices/mortgage centers with a limited number inside bank locations. You are not required to babysit a branch 5 days a week and outside business is preferred. Both Banks offer a 36K base salary and a healthy commission split, up to 60bps. There is also potential for bank sourced leads. See below for their commission tiers:


  • 36K Base Salary PLUS:
    • 45bps =
    • 60bps = >1M per month
  • Option for flat 75bps on all production INSTEAD of base salary and commission tiers.


  • 36K Base Salary PLUS:
    • 30bps =
    • 45bps = 1M-2M per month
    • 60bps = >2M per month
    • $50.00 per loan bonus for car/phone expense.
  • Option for flat 100bps on all production INSTEAD of base salary and commission tiers.

They are both direct Freddie Lenders with healthy PORTFOLIO appetites. Their 5/1, 7/1, 10/1, and 15/1 are priced extremely aggressive. They also have the ability to correspond with about 1520 different partners to make sure you have the best available product for your customer. Here are some other highlights:

  • Local processing and underwriting with full decision making done internally and 24 hour decision times.
  • Non-QM portfolio loans, NonWarrantable Condos, 90% w/PMI


We recently partnered with one of the nation’s largest banks who, for years, has operated under the radar – until now.   With major upgrades to their technology, branding strategy, and hiring initiatives, they are aggressively growing their brand and are hiring experienced Loan Officers and sales managers throughout the east coast.

  • Each new LO will receive 2-5 local bank branches (depending on market).
    • Each LO will receive an average of 2 Million in Branch-Sourced Apps per month.
  • Hundreds of available Bank Branches on the eastern seaboard with a hiring goal of 40-50 strong LOs.
  • They are a Bank with a healthy portfolio, with tons of product offerings, and competitor to your bank.
    • Construction, Jumbo, Condo, Co-op, Non-warrantable, FHA, Conventional, etc.

While most banks are feeling the strains of rough operations and out of date technology; I can assure you, they are not like most banks.

  • 48 hour commitment times (2015 average).  DE-Centralized UNDERWRITING
  • 25 day turn times (2015 average).  DE-Centralized PROCESSING

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One of the Nation’s most recognizable Banks, yet one that has managed to stay under the recruiting radar, is looking for one or two Loan Officers to cover their Framingham and Waltham area branches.

Currently each of these markets produce between 1-2M per month in Mortgage Applications, which will supplement any strong LO’s book of business.

  • This bank has a HUGE portfolio and strong appetite for conforming, JUMBO, FHA, construction, 203K, and many other products.
  • All processing and underwriting is done locally.
  • High monthly non-recoverable draw to cover slow months (it doesn’t accumulate month after month during slow times).
  • Commission structure is tiered up to 75bps.

(Also, limited openings in Needham, Newton, and Westborough areas)

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We are working with one of the largest Banks based right here in New England, with over 20 Billion in assets and about 2.5 Billion in excess capital, who is breaking ground on several branches in Boston and across New England as we speak. On top of that, they’ve JUST acquired four local banks with a few more still to come.  They are a PORTFOLIO LENDER so if you write JUMBO or CONSTRUCTION, their products are some of the best out there. Across the board on conventional to Jumbo, from a 3/1 ARM, to a 10/1 ARM, they can offer it. State Housing and FHA are also their strong points.

Their goal is to have only 1 LO who can cover more than one branch, without the demand to babysit them. Think of it as a nice supplement to your outside business. They offer Employee Stock Options, Full Benefits, 401K, etc, and have a stronger pay plan than you’re getting now.

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We’ve seen many “fly by night” operations come and go claiming to have a federal charter and a commitment to our market, only to fizzle out in a short period of time. We’ve also seen the same old banking players, with low commission payouts, claim to have lenient and “make sense” underwriting only to find out they’re just as conservative as the next lender. Here’s a banking lender worth a look.
Benefits and today’s rates (1/30/2014):
• Pays 100bps on all production and 120bps if you close more than 1M per month
• 60 year old Federal Chartered Banking Lender; Based in New England.
• Direct/Portfolio and Correspondent Lender
• Direct Sell to Freddie and Fannie
• Local processing and underwriting

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are needed for upstate NY, Western PA, and MD. Compensation would be based on growing your market with established teams in the area. Overrides and Profitability are the key components of compensation. Some territories have existing pockets of LOs already.

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This bank has the largest servicing portfolio in New England and because of that, they can offer LOs some of the sharpest rates out there, along with “outside the box” thinking which allows them to write loans many of their competitors turn down. On top of some strong niche product offerings, they are also very very competitive on conventional and FHA’s as well. With local banking branches and a large “name recognition” factor already established, they have positioned themselves as one of the top establishments in New England. Loan Officers are needed for many of their existing territories and bank locations. Pay is based on total units as opposed to revenue or volume which can take the pressure off to close high volume or charge 2 points on every deal.

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